Review of SongSuggest 1.0

29 12 2009

Every song leader has a need to access a list of songs on many themes.  Building your own database is a great idea and will serve you well.  Technology has moved us a long way down the road for being able to cross reference, recall and store song lists, and themes. has a product that brings a great tool to our iPhone.  Imagine needing a song list on consecration.  SongSuggest gives you the ability to search songs from its 600 song database by that theme or many others.  They can be searched by theme, key and tempo.  If you can’t remember what the song sounds like they added a way to search YouTube for a video of the song.  There is a link out to iTunes for you to purchase the songs and a link to so you can search for lyrics within the app.  Handy for you when you don’t have easy access to SongSelect or the ccli database online.

Sadly, there is no way to save lyrics in the program.  This would give you more ability to search for songs by topic, theme and phrase.

It would be great if they would add a way to email song lists to your worship team.  It would also be nice if you could add your own songs to the list.  There are many songs in our songbooks and newly written songs that are not on the list.  Another feature that could be an advantage would be to link to SSPlus or Media Shout.  If you could export your list to either of these programs it would save several steps in your set planning.  This in no way means this isn’t a useful app.  It is in its first generation.  I hope the developer will improve on a great idea.









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