Working With Church Staff

23 04 2013

Seems the world of technology made many changes to the way we produce our song listsgetting_along-290-219   Used to be we would just have to put our numbers up on the board at the front of the auditorium.  Then we started making worship programs that listed the songs and the order of worship.  Now we have to put together projection slides and maybe even notate a song in notation software, save it in the proper format so it can become a slide that looks like all the others.

Timing has become much more crucial as we have to be prepared much more advance than ever before.  Often we don’t have to depend just on our own work getting done.  Other team members need our songs and verses and prayers and readings and sermon outlines well in advance of the service.  It is just impolite to make a secretary wait for your songlist so she can prepare the Order of Worship.  The projection team deserves our attention too so they can be well prepared before the assembly.

As worship leaders we might have to pressure the preacher a few weeks in advance for sermon topics, themes and scriptures.  Cultivate a good relationship so you both work in harmony.  It’s a great idea to pray over the Sermon Calendar with him.  He will probably have a few songs in mind for each sermon too.  It makes the preacher feel special when you use his suggestions.  Its always a good idea to have the preacher or worship committee review your OOW (Order of Worship) to make certain you are all thinking the same way.

Have regular training sessions with volunteers.  If your people don’t know how to work equipment or software you are planning for disaster.  Keep a copy of all manuals, SOPs and needed information accessible to everyone who might need it in the heat of failure.  Reward good workers with encouraging words and treat them with a lunch or coffee date just to let them know how important they are to the over all ministry.

Help others to help you.  If you have someone who can do what you do it is not a threat.  It is a valuable asset.  Solicit help with maintenance of equipment, production of presentations song slides or anything else that might help free you up to do something else that no one else knows how to do.

Foster learning.  Use every opportunity to inspire new talent and new ministers (every Christian is a minister).  True leaders replicate themselves to develop a depth of talent for every job that needs to be done.

Be ready at all times to humble yourself.  There are going to be times when hard feelings will arise.  Sometimes it will be our own doing and sometimes not.  If you are willing to be kind and humble in dealing with those who perceive a slight it will go a long way to paving the way for Christian unity. Don’t compromise truth but do encourage kindness to all.

Never think because you are the guy in charge that you are too important to do the grunt work.  Leaders will almost always be called to do things that seem menial or mundane.  (Straightening the song books in the pew, cleaning equipment etc.) Do those jobs with as much joy as the ones you really enjoy.  It will pay off in the long run.

What are some struggles you have with church staff or getting things done.  Share your solutions.




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