Canva: A Big Help For Graphics

24 06 2015

ImadeThis On CanvaMaking our own slides, posters, flyers, bulletin graphics etcetera can be daunting. Photoshop is usually too high powered for what we want to do or just too expensive for a small church to purchase.

Searching Google images and then trying to secure permission for graphics that really don’t fit our message is “striving after the wind.” Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy to use, powerful enough, inexpensive, modern looking way to produce various graphics? Well there is a good online service that is offers all of this and more.

Canva is a website that has hundreds of great templates, Typography designs, images and backgrounds many are free, some are just one US dollar. The designs are flexible in that you can change fonts, colors, backgrounds to most of the templates. You can start from scratch and design just about any kind of graphic you need.

Have you ever wanted to customize your Facebook header? Canva has templates that are perfect pixel size. How often do you want to upload a graphic to Instagram but can’t remember the pixel size needed so it looks right? Nearly every social media there is allows customization but expects you to make your graphics a specific size to fit. Canva has figured that out for you and provided templates that are ready to go, just add your pics, or select one from the thousands for sale $1.00 on Canva’s site. When you have finished your wording and tweaking download it to your computer and “Bob’s your uncle” it’s yours to post anywhere anytime from now on!

Canva even offers online training in graphic design. If you need inspiration for new ways to create and use graphics they will provide great examples of good design from various places on the Internet.

I made the bar graphic on the side in less than 45 seconds. Imagine what you could do if you were really trying! Your church is going to be happy you found this site if  you start using it for your graphic media projects!

Joe Chase




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