A Great Time Saver TextExpander

23 09 2014

I use an online Bible program.  Many times I will copy a passage of Scripture hoping to paste it

TextExpander snippet

TextExpander snippet

into Microsoft Word and the standard “cmd v” will not work. That means going to the edit menu, selecting “Edit” then scrolling to “Paste Special,” that brings up a menu box that gives you the option to “paste plain text.”  Do that 20 or thirty times as you prepare a sermon outline, then the PowerPoint slides and that adds up to hundreds of mouse clicks, and typing.

Well to the rescue is a TextExpander snippet that bypasses all those pesky mouse travels, clicks and typing.  I can instead type ptp and TextExpander will paste the clipboard contents in the style the document is currently using. This is so simple to set up and use that I wish I had known about this 30 years ago when I was in Preacher Training School and college.

The snippet uses TextExpander’s %clipboard command.  You can assign the hotkey abbreviation to whatever you choose.  I will be using this snippet hundreds of times this month alone.  Here is a screen shot of the TextExpander window with the assigned snippet and the abbreviation.

What great timesaving tips can you share?  Do you have an app that you couldn’t make it through the day without using? Tell me about it.


Two Big Helps For Ministry

29 05 2012

There are two handy apps that have helped my prayer life and devotional times. I hate lugging things around. The fewer things I have to carry the happier I am. I also find that my mind is getting less able to remember all those things and people I need to pray about.

I really love Evernote for making prayer lists. I can have them with me anytime I have my iPhone or iPad. It makes it easy to update the list when someone asks for prayer. I can share those lists via email or a shared folder online. It’s great to have a place for all our elders and deacons to be able to upload information on answers and visits made.

My old large print Bible weighs a few pounds and takes up a lot of room in my backpack/briefcase. Now it is only as large as my iPhone or iPad that I carry almost everywhere. If I am waiting for my wife to finish shopping or sitting in the waiting room at the hospital I can always have my Bible to read. Sometimes I’ll think of a passage but can’t recall where it is found. YouVersion is snappy in its search features.

If you are like me and need access to your Bible always and take notes about your readings or prepare devotional thoughts do yourself a favor and use these two free tools.

An App for Song Writers

3 01 2010

There are plenty of times when we are away from the computer or our favorite instrument we use to compose music.  Sometimes we are looking for just the right progression of chords to make a song sound just right.  Even though all worship songs that I write will end up for a Capella voices it helps to hear the chords as I build the song.

Enter a really nice app from Hopefully Simple Software.  It is not set up like a piano keyboard.  Instead it is set up to play chords.  The chords on each page are complementary to each other.  There are chord modifiers that allow you to change the inversions and add 7th to the family.  There is also a button that will allow you to show the Chord Numbers for those of us who play by standard Nashville chord chart tab.

There is a recording feature with a metronome to record your song.  It also writes the chords for you into a file that you can review as it plays the song.  Sadly, you can’t export them to print or create a midi file so you could import it into your music notation program.  That is not their goal anyway.

Capturing your chord progressions and experimenting with chord spellings is.  To this end the app is wonderful.  This little app lets you change keys so you can build your song in any key.  The program includes major, minor and 7th chords for each key.  This feature also makes it possible to listen to a song on your stereo and discover the key and chord progressions.

The app downloads with sound files that are in low resolution format.  However they let you upgrade them to high quality wav files.  It sounds great on the headphones or your The app downloads with sound files that are in low resolution format.  However they let you upgrade them to high quality wav files.  It sounds great on the headphones or your iPhone speakers.  For $1.99 you can feed that inner creativity and capture your song ideas on the fly in place you have your iPhone or iTouch.